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Felicitari Fundatiei Casa Perlei care le da acestor oameni din cartierul Malin o raza de lumina in viata lor si mai ales copiilor care au ce invata si ei acum, ptr ca au nevoie cu adevarat, ca altfel numai Dumnezeu stie ce se alege de ei ,Bunicii mei au trait acolo si in vacantele mele mergeam la ei, nu era asa cum este acum si sincer acum nici nu am mai fost daca bunicii mei nu mai traiesc, mai am verisori acolo si spre surprinderea mea am vazut o poza aici cu una din verisoare.
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We are a non-profit organisation with the aim of social integration of the social-economical disadvantaged groups: we run social-educational activities, promoting in the same time ´┐Ż behaviour, Christian values and principles.


Human reality does not come down only to myself, it includes also the other, as a coexistence in at the same level of life. Out of creation ´┐Ż the man becomes citizen, a social person, part of his own fortress, responsible for giving value to human life, acting for the good of his kind. We give special attention to people who find themselves in social addiction: precarious life conditions, lack of education, which without external support cannot interrupt the vicious circle of critical existence conditions.


In 2004 our foundation is consolidating due to the necessity of fighting poverty and discrimination, improving quality of life through education.
So, we were able to assist major changes in the targeted community. Benefiting from our organisation´┐Żs support we raised awareness through the Rroma community which became motivated for change. Problems are far from being eradicated, integration being a process.
As a foundation, we looked for solutions working on the causes and not just only on effects. Our motto is: ´┐Żeducation opens the future´┐Ż .

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