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Felicitari Fundatiei Casa Perlei care le da acestor oameni din cartierul Malin o raza de lumina in viata lor si mai ales copiilor care au ce invata si ei acum, ptr ca au nevoie cu adevarat, ca altfel numai Dumnezeu stie ce se alege de ei ,Bunicii mei au trait acolo si in vacantele mele mergeam la ei, nu era asa cum este acum si sincer acum nici nu am mai fost daca bunicii mei nu mai traiesc, mai am verisori acolo si spre surprinderea mea am vazut o poza aici cu una din verisoare.
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petrica ponci

clasa I sc/sc ÷

“My opinion about Casa Perla….Casa Perla is very good, it is helpful and beautiful,and has many toys and games. I like to be with other kids, to do my homework, to be quiet and obedient. Without Casa Perla, I wouldn’t have a place where I can do my homework and where I can play. I would be very desappointed if Casa Perla was not there”.

valentina ioan

clasa II sc/sc ÷

I like sums at Casa Perla. We have fun with other children playing in the garden. We do our homework and learn how to behave. Without Casa Perla my homework would be wrong.I can't do it by myself.

Adrian Tomescu

coordonator ÷ 0726 674 962



Maria Scurtu

economist ÷


Marian van Utrecht

educator ÷ 0720 97 14 32

kindergarten coordinator


Nela Stoica

ins.ed. ÷

educational attendant

lacramioara racoti

mama ÷

Lacramioara's Opinion: "I'm very contended with what Casa Perla is doing. My two biggest daughters like going to Casa Perla. Since Lacra has been going to Casa Perla, she has been more out going and not so shy and talks with my mother about school. This is all by due to Casa Perla. Without Casa Perla the kids wouldn't have a good example to follow ,they wouldn't learn, so much, talk so much and have such good manners.

geta cozac

mama ÷

Geta’s Opinion: “I have a very good opinion of Casa Perla. I’m very glad because something like that exists in our district. I’m happy because the kids have a place where they can go to learn and can learn how to behave in society. Kids learn new things at Casa Perla, and they understand them better at school. Without Casa Perla, would be sad.I like Paula, because she is friendly,and allways smiling. I like Mr.Adi,because he is gentle”.

Loredana Tomescu

secretara ÷ 0726 674 961

after school coordinator


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